Who do we become when we explore what it is to be more fully ourselves?

I started asking that question a few years ago, at the end of one career and the beginning of something else.

While transitions are not new to most people, (girl to woman, student to mentor, daughter to mother), this one was. The space between not quite young and not yet old demanded a reckoning. What had I accomplished, what did I still want to do? What’s possible?

Sound familiar?

At a certain age, and despite our best intentions, we may be surprised to discover a stack of many “MEs”, versions we’ve created over the course of a lifetime. What to keep and what to give away? What feels true for us now?

And why does it matter?

These short essays originally began as an exercise… a way of sorting through the detritus of a (mid) lifetime; making peace, letting go and moving on, in search of the unmistakable me. I think there are universal truths to be discovered, magic hidden in the ordinary. Everyday alchemy. Grace and Good Fortune.

I invite you to take time from your busy day, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and settle in for a few minutes. Perhaps by sharing stories, we’ll discover how to shine brighter, love better, and complete the circle of giving and receiving, turning our everyday lives into gold.

Thank you for visiting.

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